Not sure where to start?

All Northeastern students have access to confidential substance use check-in meetings. These are evidence-based brief intervention meetings that include an assessment and visual personalized feedback. OPEN uses a non-judgmental, harm reduction approach and discusses the personalized alcohol or cannabis feedback with the student to develop strategies in reducing their risk. Strategies are personal to each student and can range based on their individual goals (ie., drinking fewer days per week, reducing drinks per occasion, using cannabis less frequently, stopping any cannabis use, etc.)

Substance use can be a difficult topic to discuss, especially if you are concerned that someone’s use is having an impact on their life. If you are not sure how to talk to your student about drinking or other substances, the Parent Handbook for Talking to College Students About Drinking offers some helpful tips on navigating these conversations.

For students in Recovery

Whether your student is in recovery or considering recovery options, OPEN staff can make referrals to addiction/recovery services. Staff can also discuss on-campus support groups, community support groups and national resources.

Al-Anon can often be a helpful resource for families and friends worried about someone’s drinking. They provide information on “coping with an alcoholic child.”  You can find their location and meeting times within the U.S. on their website.