The electronic CHECKUP TO GO offers two online questionnaires- Alcohol and Cannabis. These confidential and anonymous online programs will provide you with accurate and personalized feedback about your individual alcohol or cannabis use, how your use compares to other Northeastern and college students, your risk patterns, your aspirations and goals, and helpful resources at Northeastern University and in your community. Each questionnaire takes 10–20 minutes to complete. No information you provide on an eCHECK will be reported to Residential Life, OSCCR, NUPD, parents, etc.

All students are welcome to access the eCheckup to Go for Alcohol and the eCheckup to Go for Cannabis.

These surveys do not require you to enter any identifying information in order to take them, so if you would like to take one or both for any reason, they can be completed anonymously. If you have any difficulty accessing or completing an eCHECK or have questions, please feel free to contact OPEN at 617-373-4459 or [email protected].