If you are currently in a relationship that’s unhealthy or abusive or have been in one previously, please know that it is not your fault and that you are not alone.

There are many people on and off campus ready and waiting to support you when you are ready. Staff at the Sexual Violence Resource Center can help to talk through options.  Counselors from University Health and Counseling Services (UHCS) can provide provide brief therapy and community referrals. DOVE (Domestic Violence Ended) offers a 24-hour crisis hotline- 617-471-1234 or 888-314-3683.

What To Do If…

You are afraid for your immediate safety. Call for help. If off campus, call 911. If on campus, call Northeastern University Police Department (NUPD) at 617-373-3333 . Tell the person you are in danger and need help immediately. Find a space where you are safe and away from your partner- a friend’s, a public place, or an office on campus like NUPD.

You are hurt. UHCS can provide medical treatment as can any of the local hospitals. If you want to go to a local hospital, NUPD can provide free transportation (617-373-3333.) Victims of domestic violence often suffer head injuries. If you are experiencing memory loss, dizziness, headaches that won’t go away, or problems with eyesight, get medical care immediately.

You are worried about your future safety. One option to consider is creating a safety plan.  Counselors or advocates on and off campus or family and friends can help you to talk through it.

You may also want to consider documenting what’s going on.  Click here for more information on how to document and safely store evidence.

You are considering leaving your partner. Create a safety plan. Think about safe places and people as well as items you might want to have with you. Now is a time to reach out for help and support- threats or violence may escalate if your partner knows you are leaving.

You need a safe place to stay. The university has temporary safe rooms that all students (whether you currently live on or off campus) can access.  Call NUPD (617-373-3333) or talk to a staff member in Residential Life.

You want to put a no-contact order or protective order in place. A no-contact order prohibits university members from direct or indirect communication. NUPD can help facilitate the process of a no-contact order issued through the Office for Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution. NUPD can discuss options for a judicial restraining order or harassment prevention order through an off campus district court.  They can accompany you to a local court.

Someone has violated a protective order you already have. Call the police. Keep a copy of it with you at all times. Encourage others in your life to report a violation as well.

You want a permanent change in housing, need help with changing an academic schedule or are looking for academic support, or want to explore options for leave.  A case manager from WeCare can help to explore these options.

You want to make a report. The Office for University Equity and Compliance (Title IX) is charged with investigating and responding to allegations of sex and gender-based misconduct. If you wish to file a complaint, contact them via phone or email to arrange a meeting, of fill out the online reporting form. To understand more about on campus reporting options including a step by step description of the investigation and adjudication process, please see the Title IX policy: https://www.northeastern.edu/policies/pdfs/Title_IX_Policy.pdf. Keep in mind that reporting to the Title IX Coordinator is not the same as filing criminal charges with the police (which is another option available to you). Contact NUPD to discuss options for pursuing criminal charges.

Your partner is stalking you.  Find more specific information on stalking and what to do on our Learn: Stalking page.

You want to know more about domestic violence.  Go to our Learn: Domestic Violence page to understand more about types of abuse, warning signs, statistics, or how to support someone in your life.